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About us

The satisfaction of our Customers is a great success for us.
As an official distributor of advertising clothing and workwear  we  keep trying to satisfy  all of our Customers needs.
At every stage of our development we are asking ourselves:
What are the needs of our Customers?
By describing them we can satisfy demands and expectations of our receivers.
That way of thinking can really increase  amoount of selling pieces and profits:
millions of sold pieces 
tens of milllions of revenue
Main features, which distinguish Ies Polska from its competitors:
>> the biggest stock of  Fruit of the Loom products  in Poland
>> thousands of metres of warehouse surface
>> our stock is hundreds of thousands of  Fruit of the Loom, Russell and Result products
>> range of products adapted to needs of Customers
>> short time of realisation (goods delivered on second working day)
>> short time of answering for quotes
>> order automation
>> on-line stock checking
>> guarantee of regular and reliable delivery
As the biggest distributor of Fruit of the Loom products in Poland we work according to such way of thinking that product hasn’t got values untill Customer gets it. We make availibility of brand and enable using of its assortment.
Ies Polska, clothing importer use rules and principles of healthy competition. We use distribution channels , which let our Customers work with success. Our suppliers are essential and integral part of our company.
Main features, which distinguish Ies Polska from other distributors:
>>we care about Fruit of the Loom, Russell and Result brands and we  promote them
>>we build awareness of our brand
>>we work according to the strategy of producers
>>we create visions and goals of producers
>>we identify with our brands
>> we invests in advertisements, which promotes our  3 brands
>> marketing is coherent with brands
>> our strategy is consistent with goals and vision of our producers 
>> we develop long-term cooperations
>> we have tools, which are necessary in distribution (warehouse, office, workers, web sites)
>> database of active and eventual customers
>> stable place on polish market of advertising clothing and workwear
>> knowledge based on years of experience
>> specialization in workwear and  promotional clothing
>> high level of customer service
>> consolidation of flows and storing goods
>> we reduce financial risk