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Terms & Conditions 

Terms & Conditions
That statute describes principles of cooperation between Ies Polska limited liability company, address: Seweryna Pieniężnego 14 Street, 10-003 Olsztyn, PL., NIP: PL739-393-73-51, REGON: 521832177 KRS: 0000968356 (entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court in Olsztyn, VIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register, with a share capital of PLN 100 000), called Supplier and company, which makes an order, called Orderer.
Making an order means that Orderer accepts this statute of wholesale automative panel of customer service.

General terms &conditions and company privacy policy
Wholesale, automative  customer service panel is a tool for long-term cooperation with companies (B2B). Registration is only for firms (we do not deliver orders to final Customers).

  1. Orders are received in electronic form through automative Customer service panel on : www.en.iespolska.pl
  2. Orderer declares that his registration data (VAT number, exact address, full company name) is truthful. We require also name, last name and telephone numer to person from that company.
  3. Making an order via automative customer service panel is a permission for Supplier to make an invoice without Orderer signature.
  4. After making an order you will get automative confirmation.
Attention! Stocks and colours can be different.
  1. Realisation depends on date when you make a payment. We realise only payed orders.
  2. Products are sent to Orderer after we get confirmation of payment on e-mail or there is booked payment on our account.
  3. We have ownership of goods until Orderer fully make a payment.
  4. Confirmed order can not be cancelled.
  1. Methods of payments:
-transfer on our foreign account:
 PL71 1050 1764 1000 0090 8164 4826(BIC/SWIFT: INGBPLPW)
-online payment by ING imoje

2. In case of delivering goods in few parts, the Orderer pays for shipments costs of every part. The Supplier makes invoices to every part.
Printing and packing
  1. When Orderer make an order with printing – logotype, printing content and required graphic scheme should be sent via e-mail or other data carrier with a visualisation and exact description of pattern size and colours. When a project is made not according to what Seller requires it should be changed according to   this directions, which is Orderer obligation. The Seller doesn’t make projects or visualisations.
  2. Embroiderers programmes, which are essential to make an order are Orderer’s property.
  3. Making a proof for an order is not for free – we make an individual offer for that.
  4. Clothing with printing and embroidery is not packed individually in plastic bags. It brings addidtional payment according to offer.
  5. The Orderer is fully responsible for having copyrights or a right to registrate a sign in way, which enables to make an order. The Orderer is also fully responsible for logotype content, printings, embroideries etc., which he wanted to have in his order. The Seller can resign from making a printing or embroidery, in case when content is against the law or it brake the copyright of third party.
  6. The Seller doesn’t verify orders, as for using copyrights by the Orderer. In this case Seller doesn’t have any responsibility towards to the Orderer or third party.
Delivery conditions.
  1. The abroad deliveries are done mainly by GLS company.
  2. The Seller makes an offer for cost of shipment individually – via mail.
  3. In case of damaged boxes or other visible damage the Orderer is obliged to inform the Courier about that and make a note in front of him and also count the products in front of him.

  1. The Orderer is obliged to check all the goods just after he gets them. The information about any lack in quality or amount has to be passed to Seller in writing form in 7 days time from the date the Orderer gets the order. The Orderer should add to complaint goods the buying proof with the description of complaint.
  2. Goods can only be complained when they’re damaged or incompatible with the order, which was accepted by the Orderer. The complaint should be made before making a printing on goods. The printed goods can not be complained.
  3. When the Orderer gets the goods, which are damaged or incompatible with the order (before printing), he can have free exchange or implement, when he gets incompatible amounts. The information about lack in amount or in quality should be delivered to Ies Polska in writing or electronical way by the Orderer in 14 days time from getting an order.
  4. The complaint will be analysed in 14 days time from its report.
  5. There is an opportunity for making an exchange or return of shipped goods by the Supplier according to the Orderer order (in 14 days time from getting an order). The Supplier makes decision about that opportunity.  In every case there are manipulative costs – 30%  of the order value (with VAT) or cost of transport (individual offer) for making a shipment to Supplier warehouse. The Orderer pays for shipping cost in that case.
  6. The goods should be delivered to warehouse, address: Ies Polska Warehouse, Sielska 36 street (the airport place), 10-802 Olsztyn, PL.
  7. The Supplier is not responsible for lack in goods at producer’s warehouse.
Personal data
  1. Fulfilling data in orders sheet is also an agreement for processing of personal data of Orderer by Seller (according to act from 29th of August 1997 about security of personal data,  the Journal of Laws no 133, reference  no 883) and act about providing services via electronical way (the Journal of Laws no 133, pozycja 1204). Orderers  personal data will be processed only for making orders, also for making an invoice. This data are secret and won’t be revealed for other people.
  2. The Orderers personal data is protected according to statute about personal data. It is  not passed, sold or used by other people or institutions, they are essential to make an agreement based on this regulations.
  3. Only administrator has an access to personal data of wholesale automative panel of customer service to cooperate with companies (B2B): Ies Polska company Tomasz Bylczyński.
  4. Every Orderer, who fill up a form has an access to his data as for verification, modification or having a request to erase them on: ies@iespolska.pl.
Other conditions
  1. The Orderer bear all costs for purchasing goods and their delivery.
  2. Shades of colours in catalogues and automative panel of customer service can be different from real colours. Complaints for this differences won’t be taken into consideration. Please check real shade of material.
  3. Prices for Sellers products are in EUR, without tax.
  4. Price offers can change.
  5. Delivery cost is just approximate and can change.
  6. All disagreements will be adjudicated in proper judge in Olsztyn.
  7. In other cases, there should be used  acts of Civil Code.
Privacy Policy of www.iespolska.pl
This privacy policy defines rules about keeping and having an access to all information on Users devices by means of Cookies files, which are used for offering services to Users via internet, by Ies Polska from Olsztyn.

Administrator – means Ies Polska limited liability company, address: Seweryna Pieniężnego 14 Street, 10-003 Olsztyn, PL., NIP: PL739-393-73-51, REGON: 521832177, which offers services via Internet and keeps and has an access to the information in Users devices.
1.         Cookies –means IT data, in particular little text files, saved and kept on Users devices, which he uses for using web sites.
2.         Administrator’s Cookies – means Cookies placed by Administrator  connected with offering services via Internet by the Administrator on this website.
3.         External Cookies – means Cookies placed by Administrator’s partners, via this web site.
4.         Web site – means site or application, where Administrator manage web site, on Ies Polska domain.
5.         Device- means electronical device, where User has an access to the web site.
6.         User – means subject, where according to the Terms & Conditions and law can be offered services via Internet or can have an agreement about offering services via Internet.

Kinds of used Cookies
1.         Cookies used by Administrator are safe for Users devices. It is impossible for viruses  or other software to get through to Users devices that way. That files can identify software used by User and adapt web site indvidually for every User. Usually Cookies have name of domain, which they come from, time of keeping them on devices and each value.
2.         The Admnistrator uses two kinds of cookies files:
Session Cookies: they are kept on User’s device and stay there until browser’s session has finished. Saved information are permanently removed then from Device’s memory. Session Cookies mechanism doesn’t allow for downloading any personal data or any private information from User’s device.
Constant Cookies: they are kept on User’s device and stay there until they are removed. The finish of each browser’s session or turning of of Device doesn’t make a removal from User’s Device. Mechanism of constant cookies doesn’t allow for downloading any of personal data or any private information from User’s device.
3.         The User can terminate or turn off cookies files access to his Device. In case of choosing this option, usage of web site is possible, without some options, which basically need cookies to operate.

Purpose of using Cookies
1.    The Administrator uses Cookies in such purposes:
a.     Web site’s configuration
- recognising Users device and his localisation and proper displays of web site adjusted to his individual needs
-Size of font, web site look etc…
b. realisation of processes, which are necessary to full funcionality of web site
- adjusting content of web site to Users preferences and optimalisation of using of web site. In particular, this files make basic Users Devices parametres recognizable and display web site in proper way, which is adjusted to his individual needs
c. analysis, research and viewing’s audits
-making anonymous statistics, which helps to understand in what way Users use web site, what improves their structure and content
d. provide safety and reliability of web site
2. The Administrator of service uses External Cookies in such purposes:
a.  collecting main and anonymous statistics data to intermediate analytics tools Google Analytics (the Cookies administrator: Google Inc. USA)
b. using interactive functions to make web site more popular by activity on Facebook.com (Cookies administrator: Facebook Inc., USA or Facebook Ireland, Ireland)

The possibilities to describe conditions of  storing and having an access by Cookies.
  1. The User can individually and in every time change the settings of Cookies files, decribing conditions of storing them and having an access by Cookies files to the User’s Device. The User can change settings, which are meant in previous sentence, by means of Internet browser settings or by means of service configuration. This settings can be changed in particular in such way, as for block automative service of Cookies files in Internet browser settings or inform about every placing Cookies on User’s device.  Specific information about possibility and ways of Cookies files service are available in software settings (internet’s browser).
  2.  The User can delete Cookies files in every time, by using available options in internet browser, which he actually use.
  3. Limit of using of Cookies files can have influence on some functionalities available on this web site.

Terms & Conditions