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History of Russell brand tells us about creativity and omnipresent ethics. Stories not only about new products, but also about these, which are valued for a long time. There are informations about modern fibres and branded clothing for women, men and children worn with pride. Some companies want to be pioneers, others perfectionists. Russell as a creator of high quality advertising clothing still repeats: „be the best innovators”. As a result from 1902 that brand is a leader in production of promotional and sports clothing. For now, Russell is one of few producers, who has his own designers team. Each fibre tells its own story. We will share with you some of them.

In 1902 Benjamin Russell starts to produce advertising clothing with 12 workers on board. With only 10 sewing machines they started a journey, which lead them to the top and makes Russell one of the most recognizable  promotional clothing brand in the world. After 110 years, it keeps creating advertising textiles in Russell style and still develops new products and proccesses.
History and heritage of Russell company is a reason to be proud, just as quality reputation and innovatives, which are fundation to create all of the products.
Exemplary product:


RESULT Clothing Ltd.

Result is a leader in production of workwear, promotional and outdoor clothing. Clothes of this brand are designed especially for printings and embroideries.  The main warehouse is in Great Britain, which enables to make a quick shipment to every distributor in Europe.


In 1994, a small group of Result workers designed and produced first 10 models, based on 20 years of experience in advertising and outdoor clothing production. The same people are now the most important in each department in company.
Result has now over 300 unique models of clothes for work, promotion and outdoor. Here is huge range of products: lightweight, delicate and this with huge weight. Result has also in its offer corporate clothing and sportswear. Everyone will find something for him – we offer branded clothing for men, women and children.
In Result caps offer there is huge variety of colours, innovative fabrics and attractive types. That’s an excellent complement for workwear, corporate and promoational clothing. Classic models has many details made of for example fleece, wool, fur immitation and cotton. Thanks to them these clothes have modern style.

Be one step ahead with Result – leader in production of promotional and outdoor clothing. Number 1, if you want to choose the best quality workwear just as you need.
Exemplary product:



Fruit of the Loom

Fruit of the Loom is one of the most recognizable brand of clothing in the world. Over 160-years of experience in production of promotional and work clothing is in a position of great trust. Over 30 years ago Fruit of the Loom as one of first brands enters in european world of advertising clothing. Today it still has a good opinion and it is a leader in production of clothing used not only as promotional textiles, but also workwear, for everyday use and sportswear.

Reasons, why you should explore Fruit of the Loom advertising clothing world:
 -leading role in clothes industry for over 160 years
-one of the most frequently chosen brand
-perfect quality, service and range of collection
-huge variety of products: 84 cuts, 34 colours
-cuts for everyone- Fruit of the Loom is branded clothing for men, women and children
-various fabrics, weights and price floor
-one of first brand with promotional clothing made for printing, and today one of the top european brand used for printing
-usage: workwear, advertising clothing, sportswear, corporate and for everyday use clothing
-collection made for printing
-factories in Morocco, which were designed especially for clothing production (leading role in usage of newest technological proccesses)
-production: over 2,2 mln of Fruit of the Loom advertising clothes made in a week time
-50 mln of clothes in warehouses
-Belcoro yarn, which guarantee better quality of printing, better results in washing, lower pilling, increased strength
-usage of only the best, eco-friendly colouring stuff, which means excellent durability of colours, identity in all collection in Fruit of the Loom clothing
-leading principles of activity – gaining the best quality and production standards
-certificates, which approves that in Fruit of the Loom products there are no harmful products for people and environment


Fruit of the Loom was founded in 1851 by two brothers in Rhode Island, USA. The B.B and R. Knight Corporation opened its first mill and began producing quality cotton cloth and textiles. Five years later the Fruit of the Loom brand name was born, inspired by paintings of fruit created by the daughter of one of the company’s customers. In 1871 Fruit of the Loom became official and was registered as trademark number 418. This makes the company one of the world’s oldest trademarks and also means it is older than Coca-Cola, the light bulb and even the humble paper bag. With 160 years’ experience in manufacturing quality textiles Fruit of the Loom has grown to become one of the world’s leading clothing brands. In 2002 Fruit of the Loom was acquired by Berkshire Hathaway Group, chaired by one of the world’s most renowned businessmen, Mr Warren Buffett. Being part of such an organisation provides financial security and a strong foundation on which we can build for the future.
As a global company, which hires 28 000 workers on all over the world, Fruit of the Loom invests in company in constant way. FOTL broaden its activity all the time on new markets. As a result, Customers receive that quality and services as we expect from one of the biggest company in clothing sector.
Exemplary product:



SPIRO uses the latest high performance technical fabrics and designs to offer the fitness, corporate sports, promotional & retail markets quality technical and fashionable styles in jackets, tops, pants and shorts to meet the rigorous requirements of the wearer under workout & training conditions.

2010 saw the launch of SPIRO, the activewear addition to RESULT Clothing Ltd. Filling the gap in the sports industry for a stock range of co-ordinated team wear. SPIRO blends the latest performance fabrics and cutting edge technology with designs that meet the rigorous requirements of the active wearer. Innovative product storyboards showcase how brand styles jigsaw together to form a colour co-ordinated unisex sports team or individual look with special focus on the superior quality of its renowned COOL-DRY fabric.
Now with a range of BIKEWEAR for even more garment combinations, the SPIRO collection is held in stock all year round making it quick and simple for clubs to replenish a uniform look each season.

In 2016 SPIRO launched SPIRO Impact, SPIRO Fitness & SPIRO Compression; three new categories that fulfil the requirements of the modern day sportsperson whilst keeping inline with current fashion trends. The new additions have been designed for optimal fitness performance.
Specifically designed to accommodate the need for easy panel access, each style is critiqued and tested with both the wearer and decorator in mind.

Stocks are held in the UK ready for immediate despatch using a superior logistics network through to all major and distinguished European distributors.

SPIRO - pioneers of performance co-ordinated active wear. The No 1 choice for premium quality sports clothing that does exactly what you expect from the most trusted brand in Europe.

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