Fruit of the Loom Vintage Collection available at Ies Polska

Kolekcja Vintage Fruit of the Loom
Fruit of the Loom brand has 170 years! This means that it is older than Coca Cola, a bulb and a paper bag. The brand and logotype has evolved a lot throughout this time. The trademark, which we can see on Vintage Collection products was established in 1978.

This collection, unlike the standard offer is printed in two options:
*small Fruit of the Loom Vintage logotype on the left chest
*big Fruit of the Loom Vintage logotype on the front

Majority of this collection is available at Ies Polska: t-shirts and sweats for men and women and pants. Those products are based on products from core collection. Fruit of the Loom Vintage clothing is packed in plastic bags and has got Fruit of the Loom Vintage label.
Below are the products which can be purchased from authorizes distributor, Ies Polska:
Below, you can find products from official distributor - Ies Polska:

Vintage Tee

Koszulka Męska Vintage z dużym logo


Lady-Fit Vintage Tee

Koszulka Damska Ladies Vintage Tee z logo


Lady-Fit Vintage V-neck

Koszulka Damska Ladies Vintage V-Neck z dużym logo


 Vintage Set-in Sweat

Męska bluza Vintage Sweat

 Ladies Hooded Vintage with small logo

Damska bluza z kapturem Vintage


Vintage Hooded Sweat

Męska Bluza Vintage Hooded Sweat


 Vintage Jog Pants

Spodnie Vintage Jog Pants

Vintage Collection from Fruit of the Loom has all: timelessness, fashionable printing and good quality!

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