How to be visible – reflective vests from Result available at Ies Polska


How to be visible?

There are several ways to take up this topic. Our proposal: reflective vests from Result!
They are useful at work and in everyday life, they can be a great choice not only for ensuring safety, but also for promoting your business.
In our offer you will find models with two (R200X and R200J) and four (R201X) reflective stripes.

W ofercie mamy kilka wzorów z dwoma (R200X i R200J) lub czterema pasami odblaskowymi (R201X).
Kamizelki odblaskowe Result
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The most popular, classic model is R200X with two horizontal reflective stripes which is available also in kids style. This product would be perfect for example for schools (with logo on it)
Dziecięce kamizelki odblaskowe Result

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The newest in the offer are: R479X and R200XEV. This is a new design and non-standard colors which may open up new opportunities to advertise your business. Both models are made of 100% polyester. This is why they are so light, breathable and perfect for labelling. There are different printing methods, which can be used here,  even with single expenditures.

They have reflective stripes around waist (R200XEV and R479X). They are certified, in accordance to EN ISO 20471 CLASS 2 and RIS-3279-TOM ISSUE 2 standards.
Damskie kamizelki odblaskowe Result

R200XEV vest is the new version of R200X – well-known and eagerly purchased pattern now has more colours to choose. There is no question of boredom here!smiley
Kolorystyka kamizelek odblaskowych Result

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R479X style is brand new product in our offer – functional vests with practical zipper fastening and two large pockets. You can also find here place for a name tag. Available in two colors: Flo Yellow and Flo Orange. Open mesh provides excellent ventilation. This is perfect, comfortable and safe choice for employees in every Industry like construction, warehouse or events. 
Męska kamizelka odblaskowa Result

The full range of reflective vests is available on our website: www.iespolska.eu/odziez-meska-kamizelki/


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