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Sprzedajemy i znakujemy

Advertising clothing is an extremely popular promotional gadget. Well matched will be eagerly worn and at one time be the best flagship of a company.
How to make a product, which will strengthen positive image of a brand?

Firstly, the clothing 

It is worth to prioritize quality and up-to-date design.  Interesting and fashionable design will catch the attention and esthetics will bring only positive wibes.  Thanks to this, your company will be identified with high quality services.
Recently, best selling t-shirts are those, which are soft in touch, plain and made of ring-spun cotton.

Hoodies are also very popular nowadays. Comfortable, universal and fashionable, are worn by all age people, all over the world. Perfect, when needed high-end promotional gift.

Znakowanie odzieży - bluzy

Secondly, the logo

Name, companies logo or catchy slogan on clothing – those are elements, which makes your brand more recognizable in really easy way.
The decoration should make product more attractive, and various decoration proccesses make large scope for it. Apart from classic decoration, logo or slogan can be enriched by gold elements, brocade or 3D and that can make it more prestigeous. There are also other printing places, which are less popular, such as pocket or cuffs. What is also important, is decoration durability. It can be achieved by applying  high quality materials and also, with right selection technique to the clothing and project.

Regardless of which clothing you’ll choose or what decoration effect you would like to achieve – we will make it for you! smiley

Znakowanie odzieży - przykład 1Znakowanie odzieży - przykład 2Znakowanie odzieży - przykład 3Znakowanie odzieży - przykład 1

At Ies Polska you can make whole order – clothing with decoration. We offer high quality decoration with all techniques, which ara available on the market:

Rodzaje znakowania odzieży
We cooperate with experienced and well educated performers, who are experts in their services, which make all project high quality.

Long-term cooperation allow us to offer:
  • short completion time
  • competitive prices

You can make order in really easy and quick way and additionaly – save some money.

We will help you in selection of clothing and decoration processes. What is more, we  can send you necessary materials: visualisations, samples and prototypes. We will talk through all the details with printing/embroidery and shipping companies. In short: we will take care of your order from soup to nuts!

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